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Orlando Dinner Shows

After a long day at the theme parks during your vacation in Central Florida you are probably going to want to sit back and relax. But, at the same time you also probably want to pack as much fun and entertainment into your vacation as possible. Well we have a way for you to both! Here in Central Florida you can find a wide variety of dinner shows. Here you can enjoy fantastic food while watching live entertainment from horse jousting to tails of romance, magic shows and even a mystery story! With so many dinner shows there are a wide variety of options to choose from! So to help you make an informed decision we have all the information you need to choose!

Each of these shows feature their own unique performances, acrobatic stunts, comedy and entertainment. With seven shows to choose from you can find whatever suits your taste! Speaking of taste, each show also has its very own menu, so if you are looking for something in particular we can help you figure out which show to visit!

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Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Medieval TimesWhen honor was held to the highest and courage unmatched you get to join this centuries old celebration in a place where brave men known as knights lead battles to the death in the arena. You don’t have to let your imagination run wild here at the Medieval Times Dinner Show because a story of honor, courage and valor unfold before your eyes as these might warriors battle in front of you for the kings acknowledgment. But while the festivities are taking place all manner of sinister plots are befalling the royal family as the prince is kidnapped. This great show features live jousting and acrobatic stunts and maneuvers performed with horses. Enjoy great oven roasted chicken, garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, herb roasted potato, spare rib, pastry’s and non alcoholic beverages. A vegetarian meal is also available. Prior to the show you can visit the castles brewery and cellar for drinks and the kingdoms finest alcoholic beverages. To promote the medieval theme no silverware is provided, so if you cant do without; bring your own plastic-ware.

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Pirates Dinner Adventure

Pirates Dinner AdventureAs one of the most interactive dinner show in the Orlando area this great experience is fun for all ages! Join in the adventure and become part of the show! This classic tail of hero verse the pirates follows the adventure of a young man trying to save the damsel in distress. But what really sets this show aside from all the rest is the setup. This three sixty arena features a massive pool in the center. And when we say massive we mean massive. At its center is a large pirate ship, eighteen foot wide with masts towering an enormous forty foot high, this galleon is the perfect place for all the action to take place! With fights on the high mast and action packed scenes on deck this is one energetic show you don’t want to miss! Pirates Dinner Adventure offers you a quality meal of chicken and pork with tossed garden salad and creamy vegetable soup, a meal fit for a king… or a pirate!

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Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show

Sleuths Mystery Dinner ShowThis is one of Central Florida’s most unique dinner shows. This dinner show features a mystery that you and your table are supposed to figure out. While you enjoy your meal a story of murder unfolds before you. As clues are revealed you slowly begin to get the information you need to paint the picture of how the deceased’s killer thought. Then you have to guess who the killer was. The best part about this show? There are over twenty different mysteries! Each time you visit you will see a different show. That means you can keep coming back again and again for a different experience! The food at Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show includes a variety of entrees. Choose from honey-glazed Cornish hen, prime rib, four cheese lasagna, chicken tenders and more! This great dinner show will have you on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds!

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Outta Control Magic Dinner Show

Wonder Work's Outta Control Dinner ShowLocated inside Wonder Works this dinner show is a one of a kind comical magic act. With incredible optical illusions and so much laughter your will “bust your gut” at this outrageous show! Most dinner shows feature characters onstage performing a story, but, here at the Outta Control Magic Dinner Show it’s just what the name describes! With awesome tricks and magic you will be in awe the entire time! Plus your hilarious host will have you laughing to the sun goes down! With audience interaction and entertainment you can enjoy every waking minute of this funny and witty experience. The food at this show features pizza, salad and pop corn, the main attraction really is the show. Best of all you can spend your day inside Wonder Works before visiting the show, that’s a whole day of fun!

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Al Capone's Dinner Show

Al Capone's Dinner ShowYou have been invited as Al Capone’s special guest to a fine meal and the best of Chicago’s entertainment. You see this show transports you back in time to an era where boot-leggers and notorious gangsters are in control of the lively streets of Chicago. But your invitation couldn’t have been at a worse time, as the evenings festivities unfold the chisel-faced thug known as non other than the Bugs Moran is trying to steal the territory that belongs to your host Al Capone. This great show features comical acts, dancing, singing and of course the main event, the story of how Al Capone protects his territory. With great surprises and audience interaction this is a night filled with fun! When it comes to the night’s festivities they couldn’t possibly be complete without Mama’s good cooking! Al Capone’s mother whips up some of the best Italian food in Chicago, and tonight you get to enjoy some of her best cuisine! With pasta, spaghetti, lasagna, sausage and peppers, mashed potatoes and more this is one meal you don’t want to miss!

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