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Universal Studios

Central Florida is home to a wide variety of theme parks and attractions. But, one that stands out and should be at the top of your list is the Universal Studios at the Universal Studios Resort. Located right next to the Islands of Adventure theme park the Universal Studios is the Premier Movie and Television Theme Park in the entire world. With rides and attractions featuring your favorite movie and TV actors this great theme is an awesome adventure into the fictional worlds that we all saw in the theatres. Get ready for an awesome adventure as your favorite films break off the big screen into awesome action packed rides! From fighting aliens to taking a journey with America's hilarious family The Simpsons, exploring a cursed tomb and following Shrek on another adventure this great theme park has it all!

These great rides are a plethora of movie motion picture rides that will have you enjoying the experience long after the ride has ended. With special effects and awesome visuals when we say “the movies come to life” it isn’t just a metaphor. These awesome rides let you get an up close encounter with some of your favorite characters from the classic movies that swept the U.S. With great live shows and entertainment the Universal Studios theme park is hours and hours of fun for the whole family! Make you’re vacation to the Central Florida area when you visit the Universal Studios in Orlando!

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Universal's Dining Add-On Options

Superstar Character Breakfast
As one of the most exciting meals of the day, watch all of your favorite Superstars come to life beforeUniversal Superstar Character Breakfast your very eyes as you indulge in a delicious Character Breakfast. Join some of the characters from the Superstar Parade including Despicalbe Me, SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora & Diego, and EB from the film Hop. Be thats not all, take your experience to a new level as you party with your new friends as Universal Studios transforms itself into a street extravaganza including amazing floats, danzers, soul-stirring music, food, and interaction with the stars of the show.

Hotel Character Breakfast
With Universal's new Add-On dining options, guests can immerse themeselves in a night of entertainment that they will never forget. For the first time at select Universal  hotels,  Loews Royal Pacific Resort is offering guests an opportunity to indulge in a west pacific island-style breakfast with their favorite theme-park characters.  Wide-eyed children will be mesmerized as bigger than life characters make their rounds stopping at each table for photo ops creating memories for a lifetime.

Cinematic Spectacular Dining Experience
According to Universal's latest mantra "A Year to Be Here", now you can combine both a scrumptous cuisine and a unforgettable movie experience with the stars. Satiate your taste buds at the premier restaurant Lombardi's Seafood Grille. Choose from an exhaustive list of menu items including steaks, pasta, and fresh seafood.  Create your own perfect ending dessert at Lombardi's decadent dessert buffet as you check out Universal's Cinematic Spectacular 100 Years of Movie Memories. As a separate ticket event, a theme park admission is required

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Shrek 4-D

Shrek swinging with Donkey in 4-DAfter their wedding in the Fairy Tail Forest out two favorite characters Shrek and Fiona are embarking for a peaceful honeymoon. Unfortunately Lord Farquaad the devious villain returns to exact his revenge and all manner of comedy follows. Follow Shrek and Fiona as they make a daring escape with everyone’s favorite characters in this tale that seems to make its way off the big screen! With special effects and a 3-D film you will actually get wet when there is a splash, you will feel the heat when there is fire and you will feel the wind when you are flying! Shrek 4-D is a fully immersive adventure filled with your favorite characters from the movie! Save the forest with your friends and family from the scheming villain in this 3-D show when you visit Universal Studios at the Universal Resort in Orlando!

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Hollywood Rip Ride and Rockit

Hollywood Rip Ride and RockitAs the newest addition to the Universal Studios theme park this fantastic roller coaster takes roller coaster enthusiasts to the next level! With a ninety degree rise and drop the start of this roller coaster looks like a rockets launch pad sticking straight up into the air. As soon as you make a straight down plummet and reach incredible speeds you will suddenly find yourself staring at the sky. The Hollywood Rip Ride and Rockit features one of the largest loops in the world, all that momentum you gain at the first drop is just enough to get you over the first loop. Then the cart uses the momentum of the downward part of the loop to finish the track; it’s like a second drop! But what really makes this ride unique and sets it apart from the rest are the seats… Yes you heard correctly, the seats on this great ride feature speakers and a touch pad. At the start of the ride you get to select your favorite music genre. Then, choose from the most current and popular artists, then your favorite song. You get to ride this awesome roller coaster while rocking out to the music of your choice! The Hollywood Rip Ride and Rockit is a must for anyone visiting the Universal Studios theme park!

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Revenge of the Mummy the Ride

Revenge of the MummyAs one of the newest rides at the Universal Studios theme park this awesome adventure brings the world of the popular movie series to life! Even the line leading up to the ride is filled with entertainment and scenery. This ride is full of action and adventure, straight from the movies! Dive deep into the tomb of a cursed mummy on a journey of exploration. Right before you take the plunge wave hello to Richard from the popular movies the ride is designed after. He will give you a comical heads up to his experience in tombs, right before you disappear into the darkness. Then as you enter the tomb you suddenly hear a voice. When the walls and ceiling light on fire and zombies surround you on all sides you will quickly know that the ride has started. With special effects and animatronics the world of the Mummy comes to life like never before. Dodge obstacles, mummies, ghosts, fire and more as you speed your way through this wild ride! Can you narrowly escape the clutches of this cursed tomb? The Revenge of the Mummy Ride is much like a roller coaster combined with a story, a must for anyone visiting the Universal Studios theme park!

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The Simpsons Springfield USA

The Simpsons Ride This summer's expansion includes The Simpsons at Springfield USA come to life featuring a All-new walkthrough venues. Take advantage of a certified meat sandwich seen in the Simpsons TV series at Krusty Burgers. Check out additional venues including The Flying Dutchman, Luigi's Pizza, LardLads Donuts, Moes Tavern, DUff Gardens and much more.  Springfield USA offers adequate seating under umbrellas near the waters edge to encourage patrons to spend more time at the new expansion.

Springfield USA is featuring a new centerpiece ride dubbed, "aliens Kang & Kodos" that will take you on a intergalactic voyage to the stars. Join the Simpsons on a zany adventure to Krustyland created by the shameless product huckster Krusty the Clown.

Everyone knows the comedy show the Simpsons, and here at the Universal Studios you can dive into that comical world in a fun and hilarious attraction. As you stand in line for the opening of the new amusement park known as Krustyland you find out that behind this great theme park there is a devious plan. As this whacky world springs to life you jump on the theme parks newest ride, a roller coaster. This awesome simulator will raise you up into a dome, much like an IMAX theatre. While inside this dome your cart jerks left, right, up, down and every other direction you can think of. Join the Simpsons as they become the first visitors to ever ride the theme parks roller coaster. When all manner of comedic problems ensue you will find yourself plowing through the streets and causing all kind of mayhem on the city. This great adventure is a must for anyone visiting the park, and it’s easy to find! Just look for the giant, colorful building with Krusty on the side! This hilarious adventure is just another day in the life of the Simpsons!

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MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack

Aliens AttackingThis fun and unique adventure is one you don’t want to miss! As you enter the Men in Black building you and a large group of others are visited by a recruiter. You are then enlisted in the Men in Black and a secret door at the back of the room opens to reveal the MIB headquarters. Complete with comical aliens fighting in the coffee lounge and a huge room showcasing aliens disguised around the world the line to get to the ride is just as entertaining as the ride itself! Then when you board your craft which has room for six you quickly realize that directly in front of you is a mounted gun. Each person on the craft gets a gun, and your training mission is to fire at the cutouts of alien monsters. Each alien you shoot raises your score, so you can compare them to your friends and family member’s scores when the ride is over! Suddenly the alarm sounds and all field agents and trainees are called to the field in Manhattan to fend off a massive alien attack. That means you are going into the field! Can you save Manhattan from these aliens? Use everything you got to rack up your score and we will see!

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